The DeadPoets Society

An artistic collection of extremely unique, programatically randomized DeadPoets Society NFT’s. Uniting people from all over the world through our shared love of music. Our vision is for our holders to feel a sense of belonging, in our close knit and supportive community. Bringing like-minded individuals together to honor these beautiful souls that we all loved and lost. Through our artwork these fallen artists will live eternally on the Hedera Network.



Max Supply: 100


1. 50% royalties from DeadPoets Society Generation 1
secondary sales.
All royalties will be held in a separate wallet and distributed
quarterly to VIP Backstage Pass holders.
2. DeadPoets Society Airdrop. VIP Backstage Pass holders will be
airdropped one DeadPoets NFT at launch.
3. Lifetime Whitelist on all future DeadPoets Society Drops.
4. VIP discounts on future drops and merchandise.
5. Special giveaways and future airdrops exclusive to
VIP Backstage Pass holders.


Phase 1:


50% Minted: Our first 750 minters will be entered to win a rare 1/1 Poet from our Classic Collection. 3 Classic Poets are in the collection and will be minted at random, however we will reserve 1 for this airdrop.

Three minters from the first 750 will also receive prizes in Hbar!

1. THE FIRST wallet that mints a Dead Poets NFT will receive $1000 in hbar
2. A randomly selected wallet within the first 750 minters will receive $1000 in hbar
3. A randomly selected wallet within the first 750 will receive $500 in hbar

Dead Poets Society DAO & Community Trust Wallet!

The Dead Poets Society is a community of music and art fanatics. We will vibe together, jam out, and plan our future. Our holders will help decide our strategies, and how the community funds will be utilized.

75% Minted: Merchandise! Hats, Shirts, Hoodies & More will be created! 10% of all merchandise profits will be added to the Community Wallet.

100% Minted: 25% of all minting profits will be added to the community trust wallet.

Phase 2: Post Mint

Holders of 1st Gen DeadPoets will vote on how they would like the community funds to be utilized.
(eg. Marketing, purchasing communal assets.) The choice is yours!.

Holders of 1st Gen DeadPoets will also vote on who the next 10 artists will be for the 2nd Generation
DeadPoets Society Collection.

10% of revenue from the 2nd Generation mint will be used toward special giveaways exclusive to
1st Generation holders.

Airdrops: Future airdrops and benefits will be provided to our community as
we continue to expand.


DeadPoets Society Gen-1 minted May 11th 2022 and successfully SOLD OUT 1503/1503.

Bob Marley, Janis Joplin, John Lennon, Juice WRLD, Elvis, Tupac, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse

Yes, DeadPoets Society Gen-2 is currently in development. The 10 base poets will be voted on by our community.

We are partnering with a staking platform that is currently in development. More details will be coming soon!

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